What is

Redistricting is the process by which new congressional and state legislative district boundaries are drawn. In 2021, voting district lines will be redrawn to determine who represents the people in our communities and our state.

The Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC):

In Arizona, the IRC is responsible for redistricting, not the legislature. 

  • The AZ IRC is a Commision made up of two Republicans, two Democrats and an Independent Chair.

    • The 5 commissioners are David Mehl ( R ), Douglas York ( R ), Shereen Lerner (D), Derrick Watchman (D), Erica Schupak Neuberg (Independent Chair)

The Voting Rights Act (VRA):

Section 2 of the VRA of 1965 is a nationwide prohibition against voting standards, practices and procedures that discriminate on the basis of race, color or membership in a language minority group.

Communities of Interest (COI):

A COI is not formally defined at the state or federal level but is generally defined as a group of people with a common set of concerns and interests that should be represented in a single district for the purpose of ensuring fair and effective representation

Arizona Redistricting Criteria:

In addition to the federal requirements of one person, one vote and the Voting Rights Act, Arizona’s state constitution requires that state legislative and congressional districts: 

  • Be compact and contiguous

  • Preserve communities of interest

  • Respect geographic features 

  • Do not protect incumbent candidates

  • Do not consider party affiliation and voting history

  • Favor competitive districts when do so would cause no detriment to the other criteria

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  • Census Data has been downloaded, processed, and is being loaded into the redistricting system.

  • The Grid Map will be ready to present to the Commission on  9/14. This will be followed by a 23-day public comment period that will tentatively include five public hearings regarding the proposed grid maps.

  • The Communities of Interest Report is now available! 

  • Submit a public comment directly to the IRC now advocating for a redistricting process that is accessible and transparent, is done with meaningful public input and that takes into account communities of interest and empowers them.

  • Grid map adoption is scheduled for 9/14.