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RAZE’s mission is to educate, advocate and coordinate in rural communities so they may gain access to civic education, engagement opportunities and voter registration. Rural Arizona Engagement is an influential power in advancing progressive values and policies for the betterment of all its communities. Like the desert we inhabit, Southern Rural Arizona reflects the dichotomy of beauty and bitterness. A sprawling area that includes both isolation and fellowship, natives and newcomers, growth and decline, our communities are hungry for leadership with the ability to navigate our unique duality. Rural Arizona Engagement believes the nuance and knowledge necessary to face and address our issues will come directly from within our communities. We are the solution to the challenges we face.

Mark Kelly meets with RAZE


Rural Arizona Engagement’s (RAZE) vision is to build an active and sustainable, progressive voting block in rural Arizona that cultivates pragmatic, progressive leadership, committed to advancing progressive values and policies for the well-being of its communities and residents.

Independent of metro-area influences.

Natali Fierros

Co-Executive Director

Natali Fierros-Bock is a fourth-generation Arizonan raising a young family in San Tan Valley. As a public school educator in the district, Natali has first-hand knowledge of the struggles facing Arizona’s education system today. Natali is ready to address the problems plaguing our system and create win/win solutions for our children, our teachers, and our communities.


Her experience campaigning also gives her first-hand insight into the gaps between rural voters and their understanding of their rights and role in the democratic process. As elected Chair of Legislative District 8 Democrats, she helped to build and train the largest group of precinct committee people in the county, increasing their numbers by one-third. Her grassroots efforts are rooted in community organizing and relationship building. She has used and will continue to use her voice and influence to make sure Arizona is a more equitable place for all.

Pablo Correa

Co-Executive Director

Pablo is from a working-class family in Casa Grande Arizona. At 17 years old he left home to serve in the Marine Corps and for the next five years dedicated his life to service. Once honorably discharged Pablo returned to Casa Grande to raise a family and got a job driving a forklift at a local warehouse. Like many, Pablo became civically engaged after the 2016 election. In 2018, he decided to run for the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 8.


Hungry to grow his knowledge and leadership experience, Pablo is a focused and effective community leader constantly looking for areas of growth and improvement. Pablo is a graduate of the Hispanic Leadership Institute, the Leading for Change Campaign Management, Candidate, and Fellowship Programs and most recently a graduate of the Monzón Fellowship.

Anne LeMoureaux

Project Manager

The daughter and granddaughter of union strong borax miners, Annie Gonzales-LaMoureaux was born and raised in Boron, CA., a small rural mining town in the Mojave Desert. Escaping the social and economic hardships of Boron, Annie and her family moved to Casa Grande, AZ in 2011. After graduating from college, Annie has worked as a Licensed Speech-Language Pathology Assistant for the last 8 years. 


As a civically-minded citizen and an active participant in national politics, she became an activist following the Sandy Hook School Shooting. After the 2016 election, Annie realized there was a lack of representation of rural Arizonans at a state level. As Fellow in the Leading For Change Fellowship as well as the Arizona Educators Association Leader’s Academy, Annie shifted her vision and seeks to engage young voters through RAZE Leaders, a youth leadership program for high school students in Rural Arizona.

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