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RAZE’s mission is to educate, advocate and coordinate in rural communities so they may gain access to civic education, engagement opportunities and voter registration. Rural Arizona Engagement is an influential power in advancing progressive values and policies for the betterment of all its communities. Like the desert we inhabit, Southern Rural Arizona reflects the dichotomy of beauty and bitterness. A sprawling area that includes both isolation and fellowship, natives and newcomers, growth and decline, our communities are hungry for leadership with the ability to navigate our unique duality. Rural Arizona Engagement believes the nuance and knowledge necessary to face and address our issues will come directly from within our communities. We are the solution to the challenges we face.

Mark Kelly meets with RAZE


Rural Arizona Engagement’s (RAZE) vision is to build an active and sustainable, progressive voting block in rural Arizona that cultivates pragmatic, progressive leadership, committed to advancing progressive values and policies for the well-being of its communities and residents.

Independent of metro-area influences.

Natali Fierros Bock

Co-Executive Director

Natali Fierros Bock is the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Rural Arizona Engagement (RAZE). As a fifth-generation Arizonan, Natali is the first-born child of a Mexican father and Irish mother. This experience shaped her dedication to equity and justice. Natali was the first in her family to attend college, graduating from Pepperdine University with a Theatre Arts degree. She went on to get her Masters in Elementary Education and while working as a teacher was recruited to run for State Senate in 2018 during the Red for ED movement. As the mother of three daughters, Natali accepted the challenge, knowing her daughters deserved a functioning democracy that centered the needs of our most vulnerable. It was this campaign that highlighted the vacuum existing in rural organizing within her state and ultimately became the catalyst for RAZE. She now spends her time working to advocate, educate and collaborate, in and with disenfranchised communities throughout rural Arizona. Natali is also an avid reader, ultra-marathon runner, and Wordle enthusiast.

Pablo Correa

Co-Executive Director

Pablo Correa is the Co-founder and Co-Executive Director of Rural Arizona Engagement (RAZE) and Rural Arizona Action (RAZA). At age 17, Pablo began his career of public service in the Marine Corps and later settled in his hometown, raising a working-class family. Having always been passionate about the communities that raised him, Pablo sought the knowledge-based resources available to make a difference in his community.

Pablo became a graduate of Leading for Change, Arena Academy, and the Monzon Fellowship, an 8-month program dedicated to building capacity and community-based power.

From a diverse working-class background, Pablo brings his knowledge and life experience to his organizing work. Marrying his background with the knowledge-based resources critical to organizing. Pablo now focuses his knowledge and energy on raising his two daughters and making a difference in the rural communities where they reside.

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