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From RAZE Leaders to impacting our community, here's an inside look at what we do here at Rural Arizona Engagement!

Media Contact: Analise Ortiz,

Local advocacy group says panel was biased, ignored minority communities

“We were able to empower Pinal communities to speak up for themselves and advocate for their shared needs,” Varela said, noting that they were train locals on how to testify during the IRC’s “listening tours.”


Voter Registration Drive Results in 568 New Rural Arizona Voters

"Our robust high school voter registration program, which resulted in 343 newly registered students, is a testament that young people are energized and eager to make their voices heard in their communities.”

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Voting rights event in Eloy celebrates culture and hopes for change

“We wanted to be as inclusive as possible — that was definitely intentional — and we wanted an event that reflected our community,” event organizer Andrea Varela said. 


Census undercount in CG and Eloy caused by COVID

“We know an undercount is surprising,” Varela said. “It’s hard to understand and we know it’s hard to see you’re not represented. But we want to work to make sure moving forward this county and state will represent them, and everybody else.”


Local concerns about redistricting focus on un-splitting communities

“We don’t believe that they should be split,” Varela said. “By separating them into different legislative districts you are essentially diminishing the power of certain communities to express what they want.”

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