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Por qué nosotros, por qué aquí, por qué ahora

Como muchas comunidades rurales, los arizonenses rurales se sienten olvidados y dejados atrás. La falta de recursos tanto de las entidades gubernamentales como de las organizaciones sin fines de lucro respalda esta teoría. Existe un vacío doloroso y perceptible cuando se trata de programas de participación cívica y registro de votantes que hacen de las comunidades rurales de Arizona su único enfoque y esto perpetúa la desconexión. La necesidad de RAZE es inmediata. Llenaremos este vacío y crearemos comunidades de votantes educados, empoderados y comprometidos.

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RAZE’s mission is to educate, advocate and coordinate in rural communities so they may gain access to civic education, engagement opportunities, and voter registration. Rural Arizona Engagement is an influential power in advancing progressive values and policies for the betterment of all its communities. Like the desert we inhabit, Rural Arizona reflects the dichotomy of beauty and bitterness. A sprawling area that includes both isolation and fellowship, natives and newcomers, growth and decline, our communities are hungry for leadership with the ability to navigate our unique duality. Rural Arizona Engagement believes the nuance and knowledge necessary to face and address our issues will come directly from within our communities. We are the solution to the challenges we face.

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Rural Arizona Engagement’s (RAZE) vision is to build an active and sustainable, progressive voting block in rural Arizona that cultivates pragmatic, progressive leadership committed to advancing progressive values and policies for the well-being of its communities and residents. Independent of metro-area influences.




Learn how to create the change you want to see in your own backyard! 



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